After a journey of 45,000 kilometeres, over a span of 106 days and 1000 communities, the Olympic Torch Relay comes to an end in Vancouver, B.C. with the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. 
The air is thickened with suspense and excitement.  Who will light the Olympic Cauldron?  There were rumors flying like wildfire, however, the awe and wonderment has been lifted. 
Not one, but four Canadian greats have been honoured with this task.  Wheelchair Athlete “The Man in Motion” Rich Hansen, Gold-medal speed skater Catriona Le May Doan, NBA star Steve Nash, and hockey’s Wayne Gretzky “The Great One”.
With a malfunction caused by the hydraulic lift system, only three of the four arms of the Cauldron materialized, however, that failed to cast a shadow over the lighting ceremony! 
Like an artist with his brush, pallet, and canvas, Wayne Gretzky with one last smile and twinkle in his eye set the flame to the Cauldron, creating a work of art!


By: CJ Ramsaran