Fairytales do come true; this is the profound testament of Joannie Rochette.  Despite heartache, pain, and a shattered spirit, she has triumphed, making it to the Olympic Podium and taking home the bronze medal in Women’s Figure Skating. 

This could easily be the most impressive medal obtained at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. 

After  learning of the sudden death of her mother, a distraught Joannie through heart-wrenching pain, managed to continue on with her practises, qualifications, and final skate – the truest display of humility, determination, and courage! 

At the end of her final performance, Joannie gracefully lifts her head upward and undoubtedly whispered “this one is for you mom” as she blew a kiss heaven bound. 

The crowd went wild and were on their feet.  This was a most deserving standing ovation, as true greatness was achieved!


By: CJ Ramsaran