By: CJ Ramsaran

There are many who get caught up in the media hype.  They have a burning desire to know the latest gossip; who’s doing who, who went where, who bought what, who’s got mad money & who does not. 

Yeah, so you read it, does that make it true?  I think you already know the answer to that!  I have but one question… WHY? 

Why does it matter to you?  Why do you care?  Certainly your time and focus can be spent better elsewhere.

You should already know this, but not everything you read or hear in the media is true. Be very cautious my friends! There are many reporters and journalists who publicize stories that are simply hear-say; stories where very little or no research or investigation has been done. 

The bottom line…  the media has lost much of its integrity. These days increasing ratings and breaking the next “top story” takes precedent.  It’s all about the hype! 

There is a lack of accountability in the media.  The stories reported on often have a negative connotation, and some reporters have very little care or concern if they destroy lives in the process.    At the end of the day, it’s a paycheck; a rapid roller coaster ride to fame and fortune! 

Do your own research… get the facts and educate yourselves; then and only then should you form an opinion.  Let your thoughts be your own… do not rely on the media or its hype to do your thinking for you.


The next “top story” published, could very well be about you… should we believe every word, every allegation, or every accusation they make?