In your darkest hours… in your most agonizing despair; who will be standing next to you, who will be there? 

It is said by many the world over, that at our lowest and most anguishing point in life, it is at that moment the blinders are lifted from our eyes and we are able to see who our true friends are. 

We are all human, and as such, we are prone to make mistakes.  Is there anyone out there who hasn’t taken a “short-cut” or tried to get in on that “once-in-a-lifetime-deal”… you know… the kind of deal you won’t typically find in most stores.  Taking these “short-cuts” or “deals” is a gamble… most folks don’t stop to think about family members or friends that may be impacted, nor do they think of the consequences, if any, that are to be paid resulting from the choices they make.

The reality is your friends will swear for you “no she would never say that” or “I’ve never seen him do that before”, however, they cannot nor should you expect them to swear for you 100%.  Afterall, they aren’t with you 24 hours a day, and they certainly don’t live inside your head.

What your friends can do, is defend your character, inclusive of who they know you to be and the things you stand for.  At the first sign of trouble, a friend… a true friend, should be concerned for your well being.  They should care enough to find out what is going on, not jump on the bandwaggon to judge and condemn you.  A friend who can’t do this… well…. if I may be so blunt, most likely isn’t your friend at all. 

In your darkest hours…. in your time of despair… who will defend your honor… who will be standing there?  Look around you… what do you see?  A true friend, will be standing beside you, exactly where they should be…


By: CJ Ramsaran