By: CJ Ramsaran

Beauty – is it our physical, mental, or emotional state of mind?

What exactly is beauty? Is it “in the eyes of the beholder” or “more than skin deep” as we’ve often heard before?

Take for example a dimple in the cheek.  It is a representation of “beauty”, however, all a dimple really is, is an imperfection in the skin.  Although an imperfection, it is accepted by so many as a sign of beauty.

This leads to the conclusion that “beauty” is really just “society’s acceptance of one’s physical and outer appearance” despite the fact that imperfections are present.

My theory, however, is that beauty lies within!  It is the ability to see, and to do good.  It is our innate ability to look beyond and to accept those things which society often shuns or looks down upon… the things seen as ugly or unpleasant to the eye.

Some of the world’s most physically fit; most attractive men and women, have some of the ugliest souls.  They lack character, which distorts their outer beauty, turning them into some of the ugliest people known to man.

In the Bible, the Lord referred to Lucifer (Satan) saying “you were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.” He goes on to further state “iniquity was found in you.”  This just about sums it up…

The truest beauty you will ever stumble upon, is that of the person whom has been blessed with both physical (outer) and inner beauty (wisdom).  The one compliments and accentuates the other, which leaves no room for iniquity or judgement.

Are you beautiful? Or are you just an ugly old soul?