By: CJ Ramsaran

Have you heard the saying “your network, is your networth”?  A better term could not be coined.  Networking is more important than you could ever imagine and as such you should not let networking opportunities pass you by.

What is networking?  It is a form of human interaction… it is meeting people; it is building and developing relationships; it is an opportunity to effectively market yourself and to tell your story.

Networking is also about generating interest and sales.  The first thing you will sell is yourself or your idea.  Think about the selling points captured in a 30-60 second radio or television commercial.   You need to come up with a “commercial” of your own. What points do you wish to convey?  Who is your target audience?  What makes your idea, product, or service unique or stellar in comparison to those of your competitors?  These are all selling points you must capture… points that must convince me to buy your product or service.

Increase your sales potential and visibility simply by increasing your network.  Attend multiple networking events, including conferences as well as volunteering.  Join groups or organizations that may be ideal prospects for your business.  Whereever you are most likely to find these prospects, well, that’s where you want to be!

Identify partners that are able to compliment what you do.  Look at whether or not they are they able to provide you with referrals or work with you on joint ventures.  The ideal partnership will present you with a win-win solution.

Practice the three P’s: professionalism, patience & politeness.

When all is said and done… what will you do with the various networks you have made?  Professionalism does not end when you say goodnight.  Save your contacts… make that follow-up phone call or send out that email.  Deliver on any promises you have made.

Networking is a gift… unwrap it… and may you reap an abundance of rewards from it , which will ultimately increase your networth!