By: CJ Ramsaran

On January 12, 2010, the earth roared, opening it’s belly, inflicting a treacherous 7.0 magnitude earthquake on Haiti.

An unconfirmed 200,000 lost their lives, thousands more were left severely injured (now amputees),  and many thousands more left hungry and homeless.

Today marks the 3 month anniversary when the earth shook; bringing mass destruction; demolishing homes, commercial buildings, and other infrastructure.

Despite their ordeal, the courageous people of Haiti continue to remain strong and unmoving. The earthquake may have tarnished their spirits, however, it has failed to destroy their hope and their unending Haitian pride.

Immediately following the earthquake a call to action was made across the globe.  The world was listening and answered that call!  This swift response generated millions in pledges for Aid.  Although a significant number of lives were lost in this devastation, many more lives were saved with the contribution of doctors and by the overwhelming amount of aid received.

The call to action made during those first few hours following the earthquake does not end here.  Please continue to unite as one to support our brothers and sisters of Haiti.

Haiti has been a diamond in the rough since it’s independence from France (1 January 1804).  Their struggle for survival has been long & bitter, however, Haiti, the diamond it is, will shine again, and it will shine brighter than ever before!

Haiti – lest we forget…

National Palace, Port-au-Prince Haiti


Nègre Marron – Statue of the Unknown Slave Port-au-Prince Haiti