When was the last time you heard or made reference to the term CURSIVE?

Some of you may be drawing a blank right about now… some of you are looking at your keyboards, wondering which key or special character I’m referring to.  Sorry my friends, I am referring to Cursive Handwriting.

Cursive is a style of handwriting which connects the letters in a word, making the word one single complex stroke.  Cursive Handwriting is a lost art! Very few take the time or pride to handwrite a note or letter these days. 

I remember my earlier years in grade school; there were many practice exercises and worksheets to be completed.  I can still hear a faint voice in a distant corner of my head; it’s our gradeshool teacher reminding us to “practice, practice, practice” until we perfected the art of cursive handwriting….

In today’s world, there seems to be less focus on handwriting and more on keystrokes and words per minute (WPM).  My how times have changed.


By: CJ Ramsaran