Platonic Relationships… what are they and how does one sustain them?

A platonic relationship is a friendship between a male and female where:

a) there is no physical or sexual attraction between the male and female; eliminating any possible sexual relationship from occurring.

b) one of the parties has a sexual attraction to the other, however, the party who lacks interest kills the sheer joy of the other’s hopes & aspirations of having any sexual interaction.

c) both parties have a sexual attraction, however, choose to refrain from sexual interaction; maintaining a brother/sister-like relationship. 

Platonic Relationships involve like-minded people, who share & enjoy similar interests… people who enjoy spending time together.  Be it conversing, playing board games, watching movies, going on a country drive, taking a walk in the park, or any other numerous interests/activities. 

Platonic Relationships may be recognized as a glorified companionship; a pleasant association amongst people… just without the sex.

Often one or both friends in the Platonic Relationship have a significant other and is already involved in a romantic relationship.  Yet despite this, their platonic friend adds to or compliments their existing romantic relationship.

Boundaries are often established or set out in Platonic Relationships… each party needs to know what is safe & acceptable.  A line is drawn in the sand that both parties know they must not cross.  For to do so, is a violation and nullifies said relationship.

Another area for consideration in Platonic Relationships is “how does your platonic friendship” impact your sexual relationship with your significant other?  You need to be able to put your partners mind at ease at all times, for the moment he/she feels their own relationship is threatened or violated it will cause a stir of emotions, and trust me, there will be retaliation to your Platonic Relationship.

Are you in a Platonic Relationship?  What boundaries do you have in place, and what precautions are you taking to keep that relationship “platonic” as well as to keep your own sexual relationship with your significant other safe-guarded? 

Think about it…


By: CJ Ramsaran