The world is rapidly shrinking…. it is smaller than you or I can begin to imagine.  Forget about six degrees of separation… it’s more like one degree to connectivity…

We find ourselves stumbling upon friends, coworkers, and colleagues from our distant past at an increased rate.  Friends of long ago… are friends of right here, right now.

How could that be?

Quite simple, you see… technology and the worldwide web have brought the “human web” closer together than ever before. 

Logging in is like opening your front door; inviting folks into our living rooms for a warm, hospitable gathering; or the unveiling of a journey to exotic places… places you only read about in magazines… places you could barely dream of, yet ever dare to explore.

This is reality people.  The world is shrinking, and continues to do so at an exponential rate.  Every second, every minute, and every hour borders are crossed and barriers continue to be broken.

Stop what you’re doing… reconnect with the world!

Take a minute and dare to open that front door… you just never know who or what you might see!


By: CJ Ramsaran