By: CJ Ramsaran

It’s been just under two weeks since CARN 98.7 FM Toronto has launched its on-air test broadcasting, and what a ride it has been. 

CARN has offered us a kaleidoscope of music genres and artists; thoroughly satisfying the yearning and craving of so many Torontonians.

The caribbean community of Toronto is undoubtedly excited about this latest endeavor; envisioned and brought to life by none other than Mr. Fitzroy Gordon, President of CARN radio.

Comments posted on CARN’s Facebook page, clearly indicate they have quickly established a large listener-base, which is growing at a phenomenal rate. 

CARN has solicited feedback from its listeners via on-air broadcasts, emails, & Facebook messages, and listeners have been more than willing to oblige. 

Feedback received to date included: listeners bringing CARN’s attention to a lack of reception in certain locales in the GTA.  As well, the pleasant surprise of being able to pick up the frequency as far away as the Niagara region. 

The most consistent piece of feedback is the fans delight with CARN’s music line-up as well as their suggestions for additional programming and personalities they would like to see on the radio station.  

All very positive and constructive feedback for CARN to obtain during the stations infancy stage.

The one concern fans have voiced is that CARN “stays true” to its listeners,  and not “switch it up”.  A valid concern, voiced solely out of the frustrations many have faced by changes observed at other local radio stations.

Fans like what they like… once their expectations have been set… well, you need to deliver!

The consensus seems to be that CARN listeners and fans are quite pleased with, and take pride in having a radio station devoted to the Black, Caribbean & African community here in Toronto!

The listeners have made their voices heard… CARN, please don’t stop the music!

This is one of the biggest hypes around town and it is highly unlikely the dust will settle anytime soon!

Bravo CARN, job well done!