By: CJ Ramsaran

In this day and age, it’s rare for one to find a unique or original business name; it’s like looking for that coveted four-leaf clover… next to impossible!

After-all it is the year 2010, and the “recycling of business names” has become an “acceptable norm”. 

While completing some research of my own, I stumbled upon CJ & CO, a 1970’s Disco Group from Detroit, Michigan.  I was surprised to learn that a disco group shared the same name as my own company; albeit a pleasant surprise.

This discovery peaked my curiosity to learn more about CJ & CO; a little-known group, which made big strides; leaving soft footprints during the peak of disco music.

CJ & CO the group, was formed in 1977 consisting of two female artists;  Joni Tolbert & Connie Durden, and three male artists; Cornelius Brown Jr,  Curtis Durden, and Charles Clark… the group was the creation of Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore.

Their first album “Devil’s Gun” produced the self-titled hit; reaching #2 on the R&B Chart and #36 on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1977.

This album also produced “We Got Our Own Thing” and “Free to be Me”.  Both titles which I find inspiring… I relate these two titles to the freedoms that so many entrepreneurs are after.

The group was short-live, disbanding in 1979, each member moving on in different directions, but leaving us with the legacy of their music.

 It just goes to show that inspiration can be found everywhere; if only we are willing to open our eyes, ears, and hearts.  See all things as opportunities, and may you be filled with a life-time of inspiration!