By: CJ Ramsaran

Isn’t it funny….. you long for that perfect girl or guy; then one day, you meet someone.  You go through the whole process of dating; trying to get to know them; understand them; appreciate them….. eventually love them.

You are in utter bliss.  Cloud 9 is your new favorite place.  The world is evolving in complete peace and harmony; you wish that everyone could share in your happiness and joy.

Then sometime down the road, be it 3 months; 6 months; a year; possible more…. that perfect someone isn’t all that perfect anymore!

Happiness turns to sorrow; joy turns to pain; appreciation and satisfaction are now non-existent. 

The simplest of things you were once oblivious to, now annoy you… they make you want to scream.

As magically as the fairytale began, it comes to an abrupt and daunting end.

You go through the motions… during this period of uncertainty you feel alone; somewhat displaced. 

Why didn’t it work out?  Why did it have to end this way?  Did s/he ever really care or were they just wasting your time?

You’ve both gone your separate ways and the answers to these questions remain unknown; they become irrelevant, or so you thought.

You take a moment to collect your thoughts; making the decision to move forward with the dating game.  After all, that perfect girl or guy is still out there waiting  to be discovered.

You meet someone new, but it isn’t quite the same. They tell untruths and only want to play games.  Things you took for granted in the past, you long for and realize you should have treasured them when you had the chance; while they were there to last.

Sometime later… 3 months; 6 months; a year; possibly more… when you least expect it – to your surprise; there s/he is; standing there before your very eyes.

The one you let go… the one you took for granted… the one you wish you could be standing there with; except, now s/he is standing there with another.

You were a fool; you should have known better.  You have no one to blame; only yourself.  It’s a hard lesson to learn, but you now know what you had, unfortunately s/he is gone.  Another has found the treasure you were all too eager to let go.

Appreciate the one you are with now.  Live in the moment, remembering to enjoy the tears and the laughter, for tomorrow may be too little too late!