~CJ Ramsaran~

Looking back, I recall the evening;

I was blessed to have dinner with an old friend,

A friend who through the years has encountered

a series of trials and tribulations with her health.

Life does not always take us through the greenest pastures,

Where the river softly flows, or where butterflies glide on the gentle winds.

The journey is sometimes turbulent, frightful, and discouraging.

Despite chronic illness and pain,

her spirits are uplifted; they cannot be broken.

She refuses to let her situation hold her back or keep her down.

More importantly, she loves life itself.

She has not lost her zest for life or living.

Her journey has not been easy, but looking at her,

I know it certainly has been worth it.

She smiles… it starts as a twinkle,

then grows brighter,

more brilliantly than ever before.