By: CJ Ramsaran 

Toronto… It’s Caribana Time Again!!! 

Remember, it’s all about good times….  

Over the years Caribana has received a dose of bitter medicine; a bad rap; and has been portrayed in a negative light due to some senseless acts of violence displayed by a minority. 

The ignorance of a few, have impacted the lives of so many; tarnished the spirit of Caribana and the image of this City we proudly call home.  But this is where it ends… 

Toronto, we are bigger and better than that!  We are world-class! We can and should act accordingly! 

My fellow Torontonians, while you are out and about this weekend; enjoying the many activities and events Caribana has to offer; remember to take pride in who you are and what our City stands for!  

Please, please, please remember to keep the peace & stop the violence!!!