By: CJ Ramsaran

Each year,  just around this time, for the past 43 years; something magical happens to the City of Toronto.  

The City is transformed into a Summer Wonderland!

There is an undeniable buzz in the air; the buzz of excitement shared by so many who look forward to spending a magical weekend with family, friends, and even complete strangers.

This buzz is the excitement of Caribana.  Excitement that is shared by so many local Torontonians, those living abroad, and also by our neighbours south of the border.  Yes, our American friends have been making the run for the border since the birth of Caribana, dating back to 1967.

Caribana is North America’s largest Caribbean Parade.  It is observed by over one million people.  It is a cultural affair of Caribbean music, dancing, arts, crafts, cuisine, and other festivities.  It is a unification of minds and souls, where together so many may come together as one. 

This weekend, we are all one… as stated in the Jamaican Coat of Arms: “Out of Many One People”.

May you be blessed, may you stay safe, and may you have endless fun in the Summer Wonderland we call home!