By: CJ Ramsaran

The King & Queen have been crowned; the masqueraders have jumped and waved; the revelers have left their footprints imprinted along the parade route; the morning has come, and we have seen the sun!

Predator Returns - Dexter Seusahai of Tribal Knights Crowned 2010 Caribana King

D’Chandelier - Pat Horsham of Louis Saldenah Crowned 2010 Caribana Queen

Despite lack of Government funding, to the tune of $400,000, Event Organizers would not allow this to ruin a 43 year-old tradition.

With their undying love and passion for Caribana and the City of Toronto; Event Organizers remained steadfast in their belief that “the show must go on”.  They made a conscious decision to move forward; full steam ahead.

It is with this passion and their unmoving tenacity that Caribana 2010 went off without a glitch and has triumphed once more!

Thank you & job well done!