By: CJ Ramsaran

Press Releases are the corner stones of the Public Relations Highway. 

Some would say that Press Releases have seen their hay-day, however, I would have to disagree with this perspective.

In the past, Press Releases were predominantly used to inform the media (newspaper editors) of upcoming “newsworthy” stories or events.  These were circulated via print (hardcopy) publications.

Times, however, have changed.  Print media (newspapers, magazines, and trade journals) have seen a steady decline in readership.  More and more readers have moved way from print media as online perusal become their method of choice.

Online readership continues to increase at a phenomenal rate in parallel to an increase in the various social media platforms out there.  You would have to be insane not to utilize this method to communicate and distribute your Press Release.

Press Releases generate traffic and increased exposure to your website. They reach your target audience and market, as well as a vast number of industry professionals with just the click of a button.

Weblogs (tags & trackbacks), URL links, RSS feeds, and SEO’s, will undoubtedly reach more readers in a shorter period of time than any old newspaper or magazine. 

This is cost-effective marketing at it’s best!

Press Releases are not a thing of the past… they are the way of the future via the Public Relations Highway.