By: CJ Ramsaran

When you woke up this morning….

Did you jump out of bed with great enthusiasm & motivation?  Did you find that you just couldn’t wait to start your day… you just couldn’t wait to go into work? 

If not, you are like Millions of North Americans out there! You feel as though you are stuck in a rut.  You wake up and drag yourself into the office, counting down the minutes and hours until home time.  Your see your job as nothing more than a way to pay your bills.

People, wake up!  I mean really wake up.  This is not the way to be living.  You need to first recognize that you deserve much more than “just a paycheck”.

You need to change something you are doing, to achieve greater things.  There are various degrees of change, but each and every degree starts with you!!! 

What happened to Financial Freedom?  Do you not aspire to have it?  Well it can be yours, however, you must change your attitude, your way of thinking, speaking, and seeing things.

Ask yourself constantly “what am I doing or going to do to change my life & situation?”  This question should become a mantra.  It should be etched in the forefront of your mind. 

If you need to find a new job, do it!  If you need to move or cut some people off; what are you waiting for?  If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, stop making excuses.  Kids are doing it everyday with each lemonade stand they open.  What is your excuse? 

I want you to change your way of thinking so that when you wake up in the morning, you are jumping up; springing out of bed; anxious and eager to tackle the challenges of the day! 

Choose to be your strongest advocate instead of your own worst enemy!