By: CJ Ramsaran

Toronto is a City with a big heart.  A City where culture & diversity come to life; a City where we embrace each other’s cultures and differences and join together as one!

As we recognize Thanksgiving Day 2010, we are thankful! 

We are thankful for who we are as a people;  for who we are as a City; for obstacles we have overcome; for achievements we have attained; for goals set, and for a bright prospective future ahead of us!

We are thankful for a sense of community pride & spirit; for our many blessings of peace, health & security.  In Toronto, we aren’t afraid to walk out of our doors in the morning or to walk our streets at night!  There is always someone willing & able to help those less fortunate; someone willing to lend a helping hand! 

These are all things that help make Toronto the beautiful City it is!

Peace & Unity, from Toronto with Love!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!!!