By: CJ Ramsaran

As a writer, I’ve come to the realization and acceptance that there will be days like these…

Days where vision is lacking; days where the words just don’t flow.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes the motivation and inspiration you need to unearth those thoughts planted deep within your soul, simply are not there.

I don’t believe there is a single writer out there who hasn’t experienced the dismay of being stuck in a rut; writers struggling from writer’s block; you know…. the dismal and echoing silence from staring at a blank screen or sheet of paper?

Although writer’s block may be short-lived, it can be enough to dampen your spirits and discourage you from reaching your fullest potential.

It’s easy to go days, sometimes weeks without writing, and somehow, we think that’s ok.  Who are we fooling?  Undeniably, we are simply making excuses and fooling only ourselves!

As a writer, if you are updating your status on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, on a daily basis, you really don’t have any excuses!

Personal status updates and responses made to the updates of others, should be used as writing prompts.  Turn these into concepts, and simply run with it.

Even if you write about the lack of your writing, your mission will still be accomplished!

Writing as a career requires persistence and tenacity.

Success doesn’t always happen overnight, but who’s to say it can’t or it won’t?

You’ll never really know, if don’t keep on writing!