By: CJ Ramsaran

When you look at your life; where you are and what it is today…. do you ever have regrets? 

Does it feel as though somewhere along life’s road, you took a wrong turn; which became a life-long detour?

As we rapidly approach the end of another year, and are fixated on the new year; not so far off in the horizon; there is a certain element of  regret felt by so many out there.

It’s that time of year, where one takes time to reflect on their lives; analyzing  the dreams and goals they had set out for themselves.  Did they attain those dreams and goals, or did they go unaccomplished?

Do you wish you had made a different career choice; made wiser financial decisions; said goodbye to someone sooner, or wish you never did?  Whatever the case, do you simply wish you had made different life-choices along the way?

Is there anyone out there who has never felt this way; anyone who has no regret over choices or decisions they have made over the past year, or at an earlier point in their lives?

If you answer affirmatively; you are in a class of your own!  Statistics show an average of 70% of those polled have moderate to extensive levels of regret at any given time.  The same group polled experienced a higher level of regret at year-end, in anticipation of the clock striking at midnight.

No matter how hard we try to avoid them, the  reality is, there will be regrets along the way.  It’s natural to have a certain degree of regret, however, you cannot let it encompass you.  Reminisce on the pleasantries that life has afforded you; yet accept the realities of life; learning from each and every trial and tribulation encountered along the way.

As we close out the old year and bring in the new; remember that there will be obstacles called regret along the way. 

Life’s journey won’t always be perfect, but the journey most certainly will be worth it!