By: CJ Ramsaran

Today marks the one year anniversary of the treacherous 7.0 magnitude earthquake that was unleashed from the belly of the earth in Haiti on January 12, 2010.  Hundreds of thousands of Haitians, tourists, and aid workers lost their lives in this deplorable tragedy.

Immediately following the quake, a call for action was made, and answered by international aid agencies, governments, and ordinary, everyday citizens like yourselves.  $2.1 billion was pledged by 30 countries, Canada and the United Sates being amongst the 30.

Despite the efforts of so many, we are saddened that the aid simply is not getting through to the people of Haiti with the sense of urgency required.  As of summer 2010, less than 50% of the aid has been disbursed, while over one million Haitians are still displaced living in make-shift housing and tent cities in dire and inhumane conditions.

Is this the impact that red tape, politics, governance or lack of it brings?  Some would say no, however, most are in agreement that this is a direct reflection of the bureaucracy in place.  Somewhere, we have failed the people of Haiti.

Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere and it’s people are no strangers to hardship.  They have endured devastation and despair for generations with pre-existing economical, governmental, and social challenges prior to the earthquake.  In compare, the suffering they face and have succumbed to today, could arguably be the most tragic.

Haiti was torn apart – ripped to shreds, almost beyond repair; destruction and disease is everywhere; families are broken; children orphaned; moral tarnished; Yet, despite all the trials and tribulations, the people of Haiti have a firm and unmoving faith.

A faith which comforts them; a faith that reminds them God is with them and has not forsaken them.  A faith that promises better is coming.

The people of Haiti are a strong people, and their spirits remain unbroken.

Haiti – lest we forget…