By: CJ Ramsaran

Saturday, March 19, 2011 marked the phenomena of the perigee moon; coined the Super Moon. 

The perigee moon is reported to be anywhere between 15% – 30% bigger and brighter than that which appears on a nightly basis in the skies. 

Experts have identified the optimal viewing time to be just past sunset, where there is an unmistakeable glowing orb just over the horizon.

The last occurence of a full moon in this capacity was in March, 1993 – 18 years ago!  The occurence is such a rarity, that if you missed it last night, you will sadly have to wait another 18-20 years to witness it again.

There are some who believe there is a mystical tie to the perigee moon, and that wishes made underneath it will be granted.  Here’s to those who do, and may all their wishes come true!