By: CJ Ramsaran

It is unfathomable that ten long years have passed since the horrific morning of 9/11 when the world bore witness to the absolute worse form of terrorism to reach the United States of America.

We bore witness to the Twin Towers being diminished to nothing but ash and rubble. We bore witness to the attack on the Pentagon.  On that day, ten years ago, we bore witness to the attack on humanity.

Ten years later, it is still all so very surreal.  On that fateful morning, thousands of innocent lives were lost, and many more thousands were injured.  It is believed all of our lives were impacted in some way.  When you think about it, how could it not be?  It is inhumane to bear witness to such horrific acts of violence and not have emotions stir within you.

The images of the Twin Towers crumbling; a man falling out of the sky, plummeting to absolute death; faces with utter shock and disbelief everywhere – these images remain etched in our hearts and our minds forever.

9/11 – ten years later, lest we forget…