By: CJ Ramsaran

Mother birds are indeed intuitive creatures. 

They spend countless hours nurturing and providing for their fledgling; and despite this, there comes a time when a mother bird must coax her young to leave the nest. 

An undeniable act of love and compassion.

This gesture is the mother birds way to aid her fledgling in flight – the flight for sheer survival.

So too, must we coax our family and friends to leave the nest –  to leave the security of familiar faces; surroundings; or circumstances. We must take on the mentality of the mother bird, and stop ourselves from being enablers. 

Yes, we are often guilty of enabling our loved ones – allowing them to use us as a crutch; dissuading them to take flight and ultimate responsibility for their very being.  We often take on this role during their times of anguish and despair.

Yet, if we continue to be a crutch, how will they ever grow?  How will they learn to solve their problems or overcome their burdens if someone else is always finding solutions for them?

When we coax our family members and friends to leave the nest, it doesn’t mean we love them any less; quite the contrary.  It means we are empowering them to take charge of their lives; to make decisions of their own, and to gain the confidence they need to be the best person they can be.

It is believed that the mother bird will not coax her young to leave the nest, until she is confident they are ready to take flight; but it is certain she will coax them .  As a friend this should also hold true. 

I’d like to think we all aspire to be the kind of friend that mirrors the mother bird; loving, caring, and nurturing when needed the most; but also frank and forthright when required to help sustain and preserve ones independence. 

Mother bird syndrome – do you have it in you?