By: CJ Ramsaran

With lifes hectic pace, it is easy to lose ourselves.  We get so caught up in the stresses of the 9-5 and the demands and deadlines that go with it. 

Add the stresses of our personal lives inclusive of children, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, overall health and well-being; then factor in the bills and expenses; suddenly life’s hectic pace is multiplied.

When we take inventory of it all, there’s a sudden realization that hits us – we are inundated; we’ve become lost; we’ve become exactly what and whom we said we wouldn’t be!

It’s at this time we need a little distance; a little silence and peace of mind – a kind of solitude just for ourselves.  Distance and silence so we can assess our surroundings; both so that we can we can refocus and grow.

To do so start by reestablishing who you are as well as what your priorities are. 

Identify where your inspiration; motivation; and joy comes from.

What pleases you?

What brings you true happiness?

Ask yourself what and who matters most? 

Answer all these questions and answer them truthfully and fearlessly. 

Do not worry about who your answers may hurt or offend – there will always be someone.  Do not worry about who will think you are selfish or unkind – there will always be someone.  

The reality is you cannot truly give to; do for; or love others if you have a heavy and troubled heart.

Find yourself!

Be yourself!

Love yourself!

To do anything else could be the greatest injustice of all!  You owe yourself at least that much.