By: CJ Ramsaran

A cup of java with a close friend; paired with serene conversation is one of the many simple pleasures of life.

But too often we forget to enjoy this cup of java. We forget to take the much-needed time to relax & unwind; forgetting to enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer.

Too often we forget it’s not always just about “us”.  Sometimes it’s about Bill, Scott, Mary, or Sue.  

Sometimes lending an affectionate ear or welcoming shoulder to an old friend is one of the best forms of therapy we can offer ourselves.

Showing compassion and concern for others has a way of lessening our own weights and burdens – it has a way of uplifting us, and is a gentle reminder that if we can be a beacon to others – life isn’t so bad after all!  Sometimes, this is exactly what we need!

If you’ve lost touch with a friend of late, make time for that cup of java – it doesn’t matter if it’s only for a few minutes or a few hours; and it certainly doesn’t matter if it’s one lump or two.

The most important thing is to make each moment count.

Don’t just get through life – live it!