By: CJ Ramsaran

At times, we find ourselves surrounded by doom and gloom.  As soon as we overcome one obstacle there is another staring us in the face.  All of which finds us feeling a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Sometimes it’s much too overbearing… or so it seems.

To help you get through those daunting days, here are a few points to help put things in perspective.

  • When things are bad, they don’t stay that way forever.
  • Everyone is going through something, and you’re no exception.
  • There’s a lining in every cloud – who says it has to be silver?  Any colour of the rainbow just may do!
  • Blessings are often disguised, so disappointment could very well be one of them.
  • You’ve overcome trials and tribulations in the past, and your current situation will soon be history.

 Reflect on these points often and remember… you and only you, control your destiny!