By: CJ Ramsaran

It’s that time of year again Toronto!  The Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, more affectionately known as “Caribana” is fully upon us!!! 

Over this weekend, the City of Toronto can expect to see over a million folks flocking to its streets and into its various venues.  All eager to indulge in the rich, vibrant culture of the Caribbean paired with the excitement of palancing down the Lakeshore as they follow the route of what may very well be North America’s largest street parade.

With such an influx of people in the City, it’s with certainty all venues hosting Caribana events will be packed to capacity.  Keeping this in mind, don’t be alarmed if someone accidentally steps on your shoe or toe, and if you get the occasional push or shove, take it with a grain of salt and carry on. 

Over this weekend, please leave all negative attitudes, chips on your shoulder, and unresolved quarrels at home.  Don’t let ignorance get the better of you.  Caribana is about culture, family, community pride and unity, so let’s all come together as one. 

This weekend, let’s all be safe and have fun.  Remember to keep the peace & stop the violence!