ExpectationsBy: CJ Ramsaran

In case you didn’t get the memo, the email, the text, or the Tweet… it’s a competitive world out there.  A world where having the lowest rates and a vast portfolio does not necessarily set you apart from your competitors. 

It’s a world where quality of service, quality of experience, and overall customer satisfaction is what sets you apart.  When it comes to client expectations, are you passing the mark?

There’s always someone who will undercut you to get the client’s business.  Someone who will throw in something for free – you know a buy one get one or a 10%, 15% 20% off type of deal.  There’s always someone who will put in the time and not bill the hours.  All of this simply to stay ahead of the game and to weed out the competition.  But sometimes, all of this isn’t enough.  Clients know all about the deals, the offers, and the gimmicks.  It’s all very enticing to them, but clients want something more intangible than that.  Clients want to know you care and have their best interest at heart.

Clients often have pre-conceived expectations.  Some of which are correct and some a little off the radar.  It’s your responsibility to clarify, validate and set realistic expectations for your clients.  Don’t promise the moon and the stars if you know all you can deliver is the sand and the sea.  Set realistic milestones and deliverables so client expectations are clear. 

Once expectations are clearly outlined and defined, then it is your responsiblity to meet those expectations.  But don’t just aim to meet them; always strive to exceed them every chance you get.  This is what sets you apart from the competition.  This is what makes the client willing to pay for your services. This is what keeps the client coming back for more!