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By: CJ Ramsaran

We all have tasks we need to complete; some more urgent than others; but for whatever reason, we seem to put these tasks off for later; for another time; another day; another year; sometimes indefinitely.  They just never seem to get done.

If you’re not careful, procrastination can slowly take hold of you; ultimately getting the better of you!  It can build barriers and limit your successes as well as hinder the realization of your goals and dreams.

So what to do, you ask? It’s time to take action!  Let’s put an end to procrastination now.

Here are 10 easy steps to stay ahead of the game:

  1. Keep a detailed list of all tasks to be completed.
  2. Identify the most critical tasks and their respective due-dates.
  3. Set target completion dates for each task, giving yourself a little buffer for unexpected delays.
  4. Begin working on the most critical and time-sensitive tasks first.
  5. Track the progress you’re making.
  6. Assess whether or not you’re on track for completion or whether you need to use the buffer you’ve put in place?
  7. If the buffer is required, revise your completion date and work towards it. Only revise your completion date once – or you risk going past the final due date.
  8. Once a task is completed cross if off your list and move on to the next item.
  9. At the end of each week, create a new list.
  10. Start the process all over again – repeating steps 1-9.

Success can be yours by putting an end to procrastination.  The only sure way of doing so is by taking action now! 

You don’t need to complete every task you have in one day, but you do need to start chipping away at them; starting right here and right now!

August 2020


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