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By: CJ Ramsaran

What will your legacy be?

Will you be known as the person who never gave up; the one who refused to throw in the towel; the one destined to achieve success or die trying?

Or will you be known as the one who lacked the drive and tenacity to achieve your goals; the one less focused?

The reality is I don’t know anyone who actually strives to be the latter of the two; yet the actions of many would indicate this is the path they have chosen.

Many would like to be successful; they’d like to dine at the finest restaurants; fly off to exotic places; and drive luxurious cars; yet they don’t put in the time and effort into their careers or businesses.

Then there are a disciplined few, and I do mean few who fight that hard fight day in and day out to achieve their goals and bring their dreams to fruition.

You see, success doesn’t always come easy, if it did we’d all be sipping on champagne in Paris or sailing on a gondola in Venice.  The reality is success often doesn’t come at all – even with the hard work and dedication.

With this in mind, if you’re not putting in the time or effort to enrich your own life or that of your family, then don’t be angry or envious of the ones who do.  Their battle is not easy and their sacrifice is beyond your comprehension.  Try walking a mile in their shoes.

So again I ask, what will your legacy be? 

When all is said and done; after the final curtain call; will you be remembered for your hard work and dedication; will you be remembered for your tireless contributions and efforts for change; will you have enriched the lives of your family; or will you have left the world in a better place?

Or will you have just lived an ordinary life always wanting and hoping for something better, but never taking action or making sacrifices to achieve it? 

Will you be one of many or one of a few?

What will your legacy be?


By: CJ Ramsaran

With lifes hectic pace, it is easy to lose ourselves.  We get so caught up in the stresses of the 9-5 and the demands and deadlines that go with it. 

Add the stresses of our personal lives inclusive of children, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, overall health and well-being; then factor in the bills and expenses; suddenly life’s hectic pace is multiplied.

When we take inventory of it all, there’s a sudden realization that hits us – we are inundated; we’ve become lost; we’ve become exactly what and whom we said we wouldn’t be!

It’s at this time we need a little distance; a little silence and peace of mind – a kind of solitude just for ourselves.  Distance and silence so we can assess our surroundings; both so that we can we can refocus and grow.

To do so start by reestablishing who you are as well as what your priorities are. 

Identify where your inspiration; motivation; and joy comes from.

What pleases you?

What brings you true happiness?

Ask yourself what and who matters most? 

Answer all these questions and answer them truthfully and fearlessly. 

Do not worry about who your answers may hurt or offend – there will always be someone.  Do not worry about who will think you are selfish or unkind – there will always be someone.  

The reality is you cannot truly give to; do for; or love others if you have a heavy and troubled heart.

Find yourself!

Be yourself!

Love yourself!

To do anything else could be the greatest injustice of all!  You owe yourself at least that much.

Life is a sweet melody you just can’t get out of your head.  A melody that teases your senses and refuses to let go of its hold on you.  Life is a melody… but only you can write and sing your song.

~CJ Ramsaran

“Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”

~Steve Jobs, 2005~

“Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans”

~John Lennon~

By: CJ Ramsaran

What will you do differently today? 

Will you go about your daily mundane routine; hoping, dreaming, and wishing that your life could be different?  Or will you actually put all those hopes, dreams, and wishes into action?

Life my dear friends really is what you make it!  So make it!!!

Life is forever flourishing and evolving around us.  Don’t be in such a haste; pause and take a moment to flourish and evolve with it.

~CJ Ramsaran~

Yes, it’s ok to have an ordinary life….. sometimes, that’s what makes it extra-ordinary!

~CJ Ramsaran~

To change one’s life:

1. Start immediately

2. Do it flamboyantly

3. No exceptions


~William James~

June 2019
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