Writing is served on a silver platter… it is preceded by motivation; the appetizer, and followed by inspiration for dessert.  The presentation & plating is grandeur; combined together you have CJ & CO.

Founded in 2009, CJ & CO came to fruition as a result of an undying passion to write & inspire others.  We all have dreams, desires and aspirations…  pursue your passions, believe in yourself and your abilities, chase your dreams… then turn those dreams into reality.

CJ  & CO has redefined that old adage “one day”… one day, was one too many days ago… today is the day!

Be it a word, a phrase, a thought, a quote, or an action… we all have an innate ability to inspire and to be inspired…

Let each day count and serve a meaningful purpose!

What will you do today to change your life or that of another?

Inspire and be inspired…